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Mood Disorders

​When you or someone you care about is experiencing a mood disorder, your general emotional state or mood is distorted or inconsistent with your circumstances and interferes with your ability to function. You may be extremely sad, empty or irritable (depressed), or you may have periods of depression alternating with being excessively happy (mania).

​Therapy is an effective approach for addressing and managing mood disorders from major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and dysthymia. Utilizing a combined approach of lifestyle supportive practices, CBT talk therapy and DBT, we address the genesis (environmental/circumstantial, genetic, or trauma induced) and underlying issues while reinforcing your supports and coping skills. Because ​this presentation can be especially confusing to the people in your life and can become a source of conflict and frustration, psychoeducation (education about mood disorders and what to expect) is an important aspect of early intervention.

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