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Parenting Young Adults

Parenting is about cultivating a healthy, meaningful relationship with your child as the foundation for his or her emotional well-being. There are so many ways to parent well. And good parenting has long term benefits for parents, young adults, families and society! Allow me to partner with you, to resolve old “stuck” points and free you up to be the better parent you’d like to be.

A favorite aspect of what I do is helping parents to better understand and to reconnect with their children as they transition from childhood to young adulthood, and to help young adults better understand themselves and gain a better awareness of their parents along the way.

There is a natural shift that occurs in parent-child communication as children approach adolescence. As an emerging young adult, children naturally become more independent in their thoughts and behaviors—the essential task of adolescent development if they are to become functional, thoughtful adults. Regardless of parenting strategy, this period can lead to increased tension and conflict which requires a modified approach on the part of parents if we are to remain engaged with our children. As a trained mediator and skilled emotional ‘translator’ for parents and adolescents, I provide a safe space to work through challenges and to relate more positively, to assist with inevitable conflicts and miscommunications and to identify when behaviors may have a mental health component.

Digital Lives:
Parents today are charged with the daunting responsibility of raising children in an increasingly digital world—not only are parents attempting to manage their own on-line behaviors and interactions, but to meaningfully and effectively guide and monitor their children’s on-line worlds. Consequently, many parents feel overwhelmed about their child’s online habits, yet are conflicted about how to intervene and assist a child or teen toward more balanced practices. I can assist you to address this issue with your child (and yourself), to set more appropriate boundaries and manage any conflict surrounding devices.

I assist young adults to cultivate a strong sense of self and personal identity, to understand their strengths and vulnerabilities, to clarify their values as they apply to real life situations and decision making, and to understand the power of positive choices toward creating a fulfilling life.

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